Work Placement

Gain valuable skills and experience to progress into your chosen career


Case Study: Chloe

As Chloe entered her final year at school she expressed a strong desire to work with young children, leading her to pursue a career in this area.

We support all students towards their chosen career path and secured Chloe a place with the Foundation of Light’s Early Years team working closely with the charity’s coaches and participants on the Little Dribblers programme.

Taking full advantage of this fantastic opportunity, Chloe developed valuable skills such as teamwork, communication, motivation and organisation as well as increasing her knowledge of health and safety.

Starting college in September, Chloe has used her work experience opportunity as a stepping stone towards a brighter future.

Case Study: Ellis

Ellis was a participant on a Construction taster course with Sunderland College while in Year 10 and chose to pursue a career in this area when he left school.

To support his learning, Ellis was given the opportunity to gain valuable work experience with leading builders John Downing Ltd working with senior crafts people in multiple trades.

Fine-tuning the skills he developed at Sunderland College, Ellis also improved his motivation and confidence.

He is now heading into the Summer feeling confident and looking forward to a positive working life ahead.

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