Student Behaviour & Rewards

The Behaviour system established within the Beacon of Light School reflects the vision and ethos of the school, using the Raise Responsibility System.


It is important that the systems and processes established are understood by all involved and that the young people recognise how crucial they are to their success. A core principle underpinning the entire behavioural system will be that of respect for the uniqueness of the individual, a respect which runs staff to student, student to staff and student to student.

The Raise Responsibility Poster can be seen below:

behaviour and rewards

The system is consistently applied by all staff.

A Behaviour for Learning Policy clearly states the types of sanctions which will be used if necessary, but a greater focus is placed on the programme of rewards and activities which is available to students who comply with expectations and meet behavioural targets.

The key elements of the behavioural system are:

  • Rights and Responsibilities: Clearly defined expectations with regards to Rights and Responsibilities. These are outlined and agreed during Induction.
  • Student Agreement: Every student is asked to read, understand and sign an agreement which outlines behaviour expectations. This will be countersigned by the parents/carers of the young person at Induction.
  • Celebrate Achievement: Achievements at all levels is celebrated for the individual or groups with agreed rewards. At the end of every week an Assembly is held to celebrate student achievement throughout the week where we recognise: Students of the Week, Star Players, Magic Moments and Behaviour Points awarded.

Our emphasis is on rewards to reinforce good behaviour and academic achievement, rather than concentrating upon failures. We believe that rewards have a motivational role, helping students to see that good behaviour is valued.

Our rewards programme is linked directly to the staged Positive Points system. It escalates in set levels and is the same for both KS3 and KS4 students. Students are awarded up to 4 points in each lesson from the staff teaching/supporting in the classroom, and also from their tutor during Tutor Time. This tracks several areas of performance, including behavior, attitude, and work.

We encourage all students to be considerate and industrious and to make a positive contribution by recognising and rewarding their efforts and achievements across a range of activities.

All recognised positive behaviour and rewards are recorded, with points relating directly to half-termly rewards events. Students need to achieve over 75% points and have demonstrated progress over the half term in both English and Maths to be considered to take part in these events.

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