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Breakfast and Lunch at the Beacon of Light School



For those students who arrive to school and would like breakfast, toast and a drink are available during Tutor Time up to 9:15am every day.

The Greggs Breakfast Club scheme provides a simple, nutritious breakfast to children in selected schools. Thanks to the generous assistance of volunteer helpers, Greggs are able to provide this breakfast free of charge.

Eating breakfast has been shown to make a difference to children’s concentration in lessons and may have longer-term learning benefits. What’s more, coming to the Breakfast Club is a lot of fun!

The Greggs Breakfast Club – a good start to the day!

school meals


All students will be required to eat lunch on site, unless they are off-site as part of an organised activity and given the option of bringing their own packed lunch from home or purchasing a hot or cold meal from school.

This will be discussed and agreed with parents/carers at the initial induction meeting prior to admission where specific dietary requirements will be made known.

For lunch, our onsite catering company are responsible for preparing and cooking fresh food daily in the Beacon of Light. Meals will be delivered to school each lunch time.

Any students eligible for free school meals students will be provided with lunch. Any students not eligible for free school meals has the option to either choose to purchase lunch on a weekly basis at a cost of £11.50 or pay £2.30 per day. Students can opt in for full/part of the week.

Students who have bought into the meals service will select their choice of meal from the extensive choice provided by the caterer each morning and pass their order to the tutor.

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