Reading Intervention

The Beacon of Light School staff are trained in and follow the Ruth Miskin, Fresh Start, Read Write Inc. modular system (, to support students who may have missed the foundations of phonic sounds and blending.


For comprehension The Beacon of Light uses Schofield & Sims which provides a collection of stimulating texts, together with questions to build comprehension skills and widen vocabulary.

Students learn to pay close attention to literal meaning, to make inferences and deductions, to observe how writing is structured and identify literary devices.

We use this for students who have a lower than chronological reading age, and usually under the reading age of 12. They receive small group support with others who have a similar reading age to encourage peer support and learning.

This not just improve students reading ages and ability it also helps to improve confidence and willingness to learn throughout the curriculum.

We encourage parental/carer contribution by giving half termly updates for those students partaking in the initiative and also ask that students are encouraged to read at home. Whether it be a newspaper, a recipe, a magazine – any reading is better than no reading at all.

Every student who has attended the reading initiative programme has improved their reading age. Successes range from 4 months progress, for a student with acute dyslexia, to 9 years and over for those with less acute reading difficulties.


  • Student A’s reading age improved by 9 years in 9 months
  • Student B’s reading age improved by 5 years in just 3 months
  • Student C’s spelling age improved by 5 years in 8 months

Sound literacy skills are the key building blocks for all learning. At The Beacon of Light School we are immensely proud of our students’ reading achievements.

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