Internet Safety At The Beacon of Light

Our ICT systems are secure within and outside the school site.


There is a clear framework for responsible use of ICT developed in line with latest best practice guidance. Students, teachers and parents are made aware of e-safety issues and use of technology is monitored to ensure safe and responsible use.

We are mindful of safe behaviour and safeguarding implications of any online activity, which will take place via a filtered broadband connection. We remind students about, and reinforce the messages of, e-safety by including the need to transfer safe behaviour with regard to online activities.

Our anti-bullying strategy includes guidance to address cyberbullying.

Broadband internet access is filtered and fast with high levels of security and e-safety in operation. Access to protocols for staff, students and wider community users within the Beacon of Light will allow visitors only to those parts of the website and to applications and information that are appropriate to each user group.

The Beacon of Light School Online safety policy supports all ICT training for students and staff. It incorporates: DfE guidance: Principles of E-safety

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