Homework in Year 9 and 10

In Years 9 & 10, students at the Beacon of Light are set Beacon Brain Builder tasks as homework. Beacon Brain Builders are tasks designed to be completed either at home or in allocated lunchtime sessions.

The aim of these tasks is to develop independent learning skills and to consolidate and reinforce the knowledge and skills they have been learning in school.

Students will be given one Brain Builder task from English, Maths and Science each week. There is a range of tasks for each subject, including extended writing, open ended tasks, creative tasks and open and closed questions.

All tasks will aim to develop and reinforce the skills being developed in lessons. Brain Builder tasks are marked against success criteria and given a score out of 4. Brain Builder marks are included on half termly reports and linked to rewards.


Homework in Year 11

In Year 11, homework at the Beacon of Light is regular research and revision tasks set by the class teacher. Students are given revision guides and regular tasks linked to these are set by subject staff.

At KS4, revision may need to be completed over the holiday period and outside of regular school time, especially when preparing for examinations in Y11. To support this, we offer after-school sessions and holiday revision classes in core subjects — which all students are invited to attend.

GCSE Revision

Group English Maths Science
G Mon Thu Tue
H Mon Thu Tue

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