Vocational Food & Cookery

The NCFE Technical Award in Food and Cookery is taught during the vocational section of the curriculum. The award is currently under review and may be amended in line with these changes. The awards cover 4 areas:

  • Preparing to cook — in this unit, students look at safe preparation of themselves the cooking environment and ingredients. They use basic cooking skills, equipment and utensils to produce a variety of dishes
  • Understanding food — during this unit, students will gain an understanding of factors that can affect food choices. They then apply these factors when selecting and cooking dishes
  • Exploring balanced diets — this unit explains the importance of a balanced diet. It teaches students about reference Intake and Daily Amounts and how food labels can inform healthy eating. Students can use this information to make recipes healthier. This unit is externally assessed.
  • Plan and produce dishes in response to a brief — this unit combines the learning from the other three units and gives the students the chance to produce a menu in response to a brief. They will plan, make and review their completed dishes.

NCFE Food and Cookery Overview 2018-19

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