Vocational Business

Qualification purpose

This qualification is designed for learners who want an introduction to business and enterprise that includes a vocational and hands-on element. It has been developed to enthuse and inspire learners about a career in business and enterprise. The qualification will appeal to learners who wish to either set up their own business, move into employment or progress to further study.

This qualification aims to:

  • Develop a broad understanding of business and enterprise
  • Develop a significant knowledge core which spans the vocational sector
  • Provide academic and study skills that will support progression within business and enterprise and more broadly.

The objectives of this qualification are to help learners to:

  • Add breadth to their knowledge and understanding of the sector as part of their career progression and development plans
  • Progress to a Level 2 qualification or an apprenticeship or set up their own business or enterprise.

Throughout the delivery of this qualification, the following core areas and transferable skills should be evident:

  • Team working – the qualification gives learners the opportunity to work with others either on small tasks or during the final project task
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills – learners will learn to present their work to those around them in a suitable way and will also learn the most appropriate way of communicating as an entrepreneur or business person
  • Use initiative – learners will learn what initiative is and why it is important for an entrepreneur or business person
  • Work independently – learners will understand how to work independently on specific tasks.


Students study 4 mandatory units

  • Unit 01– Introduction to business and enterprise
  • Unit 02– Marketing and business enterprise
  • Unit 03– Finance and business enterprise
  • Unit 04– Plan, outline and take part in a business or enterprise project

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