School Ethos

"A life-changing school where education and opportunity lead the way to a brighter future. We inspire, encourage and nurture all our students to learn more, do more and be more."


The Beacon of Light School will welcome and cater for students aged 13-16 years who are experiencing challenges in mainstream education.

During their time in our care, our team of highly qualified and experienced teaching staff will work to a school ethos which will create individual and innovative learning programmes that are as unique as each student and designed to inspire, excite, motivate and re-engage each young person.

By encouraging our students to want to learn more, do more and be more, we can unlock their true potential, increase confidence and self-esteem, and promote personal growth, in a safe, respectful and supportive environment.


Our Vision, Mission and Values

At the Beacon of Light School, we are committed to the education, welfare and wellbeing of our students — creating a positive educational journey, unique to each individual. By placing young people at the centre of their learning experience, we aim to support and motivate our students to learn more, do more and be more.

Within The Beacon building, we are providing a world-class environment for innovative, creative learning experiences at the heart of the community. We are also looking to transform communities and lives through collaborative real-world educational opportunities.

We aim to:

• Educate each young person as an individual
• Aim high, value achievement and take pride in student success
• Promote opportunity, optimism and positivity
• Foster dignity, respect and fairness
• Provide a supportive environment to aid the learning and personal development of all students
• Prepare students effectively for a sustainable life beyond school

Our focus to achieving these goals is underpinned by a strong pastoral system, which includes positive partnerships between home and school, to provide a high level of support for all. We pride ourselves on the regular contact with parents/carers and outside agencies involved with each young person and ensure all aims align with their needs.


Our Curriculum

Key to personal development is a wide-ranging curriculum , delivered by a dedicated team of staff. We combine core qualifications in GCSE English , Maths , Science & ICT with Functional Skills in English and Maths appropriate to student levels of study. Running parallel to these subjects are vocational qualifications in Art & Design , Business , Craft, Hospitality & Catering and Sport . All subjects are aimed at increasing the skills and confidence of students, as well as introducing them to new possibilities which could potentially develop into career pathways for the future.

Students also participate in PSHRE, which explores a wide range of topics aimed at equipping them for citizenship and ensuring they understand fundamental British values including democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

Studying Life Skills also provides wider opportunities for learning to take place beyond the classroom. All students will design a programme of personalised challenges within their ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, alongside progression towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze/Silver).

In addition, all students participate in Art, Sport and Enrichment to broaden their creative, expressive and cultural experiences.


Enrichment & Reward Days

The intention behind these programmes is to give students opportunities to explore different activities and pastimes, while encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In addition, it enables connection with local communities and different cultures to provide a balanced worldview. Ultimately, we aim to provide students with opportunities to widen their life experience and instil in them the confidence to operate outside their normal environments. By promoting an environment that values other groups, we encourage our students to increase their empathy and understanding of the value in making a positive contribution to the community.

Activities include:

• Dance
• Boxing
• Football
• Music tuition
• Running
• Hair & Beauty
• Ten-pin bowling
• Ice skating
• Paintballing
• Environmental visits
• Trips to museums and galleries
• Trips to other cities and towns
• Trips to theme parks
• Residential activity trips

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