Pastoral Care

The Beacon of Light school has its own counselling service which comprises of one counsellor and five trainee mediation students.


The Beacon of Light school has its own in-house counselling service which comprises of trained, highly skilled staff, who have successfully achieved accredited counselling qualifications.

Young people either refer themselves or are referred by staff or parents if they are struggling with a personal issue which is causing them anxiety and upset.



The Beacon of Light school provides an on-site mediation service. This offer has been at the core of pastoral provision since September 2016 and is now firmly embedded in the ethos and culture of our school.

The service is highly regarded and allows students a mechanism for resolving disputes, allowing them time and space to address and think through their issues in a mature and respectful way.

Students are trained to mediate between students to support them in resolving their issues.

“Mediation is helpful, stress relieving and a great way of getting things off your chest. If you’re feeling down, angry, worried or stressed mediation is a good way to release stress and find a way to work things out.

“Personally I love to have a one on one chat with a member of staff if I have a problem or if I’m just having a bad day because even if they can’t solve the issue they always try 100% to fix and help you in any way possible.

“After talking to someone I always leave feeling happy or relieved that I don’t have to carry a weight on my shoulders and that I know that I’m not alone .

“If I didn’t have mediation, then I wouldn’t be able to be the person I am today. Mediation gives me a voice and helps me become a better person and fix things if something has gone wrong.

“I think people should be able access mediation if they have something they need to talk about because it is always a better outcome than keeping things to yourself. Talking to someone is always a good way of getting things off your chest even if it’s a big or a little problem they will always find a way to make things better.

“I think mediation is a great thing that this school has because it allows staff and pupils to connect and form a trusting relationship so staff can always know when something is wrong and ask you if you need a chat.

“On a daily basis I always get asked if I’m okay or if I need a chat and even if I was okay and didn’t need to talk then it’s always good to know even if you’re scared to talk the opportunity is always there.

“Mediation is just a way to let people know that they aren’t alone and they can always have someone to talk to if needed.”

Emily Weir


Our students feel:

  • Staff have more time for me
  • Everyone is treated the same
  • There are less people here and I get on better with them
  • It’s easier to get on in The Beacon than in mainstream. I am given more opportunities.

We have high expectations of our students and aim to support them in achieving their ambitions.

Many Beacon of Light students find that their attitude to learning improves while with us and go on to accomplish great things.

In the Beacon of Light school, we work with the parents and carers in order to make sure our students have the ability to make progress and achieve the best outcome possible from their starting point.

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