Partner Schools, Academies and Local Authorities

The Beacon of Light work closely with a wide range of schools, academies and local authorities across the region and value the immense benefits these positive working relationships bring, both to our students and to the school as a whole.


The strength in these partnerships begins with the high level of quality assurance available when students are initially referred to the Beacon of Light School. From this first meeting, we further build confidence by ensuring our offer is broad, balanced and challenging enough to meet the individual needs of each young person.

Aside from ensuring the Beacon of Light School is the correct choice for their young people, it is important commissioners experience first-hand the high standards we set for all students in our care across all areas of school life. As regular practice, we promote a policy of welcoming all commissioners into school on a regular basis. This allows commissioners to feel secure in their decision to commission places and to continue their partnership with the Beacon of Light School in the future. A thorough, up-to-date Quality Assurance document is provided to all commissioners annually.

Half-termly reports are provided to ensure contact is made with commissioning school subject staff to ensure student progress can be tracked at regular intervals throughout the year. A named point of contact in school supports this sustained link further.

Strong, confident partnerships prove massively beneficial to the success students have during their time with us. With this in mind, we encourage commissioner input, support and communication as often as possible.

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