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Free Schools were introduced by the Government to bring greater choice and diversity into the world of education. These opportunities offer Free School proposers greater flexibility with the curriculum, innovative links to employers and new ways to support young people.

The Beacon of Light School welcomes and caters for students aged 13-16 who are experiencing challenges in mainstream education.

Through alternative provision, we offer educational opportunities and experiences of the highest quality to 60 young people aged 13- 16.

The Beacon of Light School encourages students to achieve Level 2 outcomes to support their pathways at post-16.

The curriculum at the Beacon of Light is very much about early intervention to increase levels of confidence, motivation and engagement.

The key focus of our curriculum provision is to enhance essential academic skills, whilst also providing students with a range of opportunities and experiences focused around personal development and wellbeing.

For more information, visit our Curriculum page.

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