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Welcome to the Beacon of Light School


Welcome to the Beacon of Light School – a place where education and opportunity light the way to a brighter future.

Students are at the very heart of our school community and we are passionate about embedding strong foundations and values for their future achievement and success.  We recognise every student is an individual and celebrate this through personalised, inspiring and authentic learning experiences designed to nurture talent, build character and shape futures.

Our experienced team of qualified staff tailor learning pathways and deliver a bespoke educational programme designed to meet the needs of each and every young person in our care.

Offering the highest quality academic and vocational routes, we encourage al students to pursue excellence and aim high, instilling confidence, a strong sense of self-belief and a positive mindset to achieve their goals. We align workplace qualities within a curriculum context so all students are “work-ready” with a set of futureproofed skills as their ‘employability passport’ – fully prepared for the next exciting stage of life’s learning journey.

By investing in our young people today we will secure the future they deserve – enabling them to learn more, do more and be more.

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